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A consultation is built into the initial cosmetic tattoo appointment and is included in the price. During this portion of the session, the artist and the client decide on the shape and colour as well as the method that is best suited for the client. The client will also have a chance to ask any questions during this time.

Touchup prices are listed below and price varies depending on the length of time between your initial appointment and the touchup. Every person is unique and some clients do not require a touchup after the initial appointment.

Separate Consultation


Cosmetic Tattoo

Brow Henna

**Client must not have had brows tinted in the last 5 months to book for Brow Henna. Doing Henna over brow hair that has been tinted can cause a metallic chemical reaction and melt away brow hair**

**Free consultation is recommended**

Cosmetic Tattoo Pre-Procedure Instructions:

Before the procedure:

  • *Please follow all of these instructions in order to have the best experience possible! Feel free to

    email or call us if you have any further questions.*

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